What would be a good site to post poetry and other styles of writing?

I occastionally post things on Facebook for my friends to read but it's usually ignored because it's not the typical FB fluff that people want to see.

I mainly just want feed back on what I've created and I'd like to post my writings somewhere where I would get that.

***Should I just start posting things here in the MyTakes?


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  • You can post things in MyTakes.
    DeviantArt is an option though mainly used for visual art as in: drawings/video's etc. you know it. Usually people respond once you get a bit famous.
    You can post stories on qoutev, mostly normal people will rarely respond.
    And you can post poetry on allpoetry. Never used this one :3

    The options are endless. Just google: poetry/story/quiz/art site/publish or some and there will be rolling out a bunch of sites where you can post your art.

    Depending on the type of feedback you want you can check the sites.

    Good luck!


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  • Go to wattpad. com. I post my stories there. You can really make a name for yourself.


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