People who have recovered from depression and/or addiction, what's it like on the other side?

I want to know what exactly I'm looking forward to.

  • Still shitty but you learn to tolerate it.
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  • It's friggin' awesome!
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  • I wouldn't know because I'm in the same position as you.
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  • Depression? Addiction? Pfft, bish pls. I've never had either.
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  • I'm still recovering from depression, but I'm happier and it's nice. It feels good to be happy, but I am also fearing that it will come to an end in the blink of an eye. It's nice to not always feel like my life is ruined or like I don't matter.


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  • I have depression and anxiety, just so you know.

    To be honest, you never really recover from it. You just get better at tolerating it and keeping it to a minimum. What your triggers are (for me, it really is anything sometimes) and how to go about your day.

    Personally, I just learned what triggers it badly and go about my day with that knowledge. I've gotten considerably better with time, but it's still there. No meds since I can function without them and I only need them if it's persistent as hell.

    But I'd say it's a lot of fun being less depressed than I used to be. Can actually be me and have fun, not down and out of commission.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I've never had an addiction thankfully but i've had depression/anxiety for as long as I can remember. It never goes away completely but you can learn how to think differently, how to manage it and know when it's your depression making you feel a certain way.

    It's really difficult for me because i'm typically a really happy person but I have these feelings that I know I shouldn't have because of my depression so it's a constant struggle between feeling how I want to feel and feeling how my body/mind want me to feel lol

    It gets easier though and you'll learn to accept that depression will come back off and on and once you know you're strong enough to recognize it and handle it then it won't be nearly as bad.

    Honestly one thing that really opened my eyes, was watching my grandmother die from cancer and the struggles that she went through and how it never really got her down. It made me realize that life is way too short to spend feeling miserable and to be wasted away and to enjoy it more.

  • i used to have an attack every night. but now im better life has no limits and im lovin it

  • I have depression and I'm still suffering from it. Some days are good, and others i can barely function. One time I had to take a whole week off of school because of it. Ugh I know how you feel and I'm sorry you have to feel this way. I also self harm, which is actually a kind of addiction for me, even on my good days I still want to do it. But I'm trying to get help, and I hope you get help too

    • Thanks, I hope you get helped too and remember the prospect of being happier, even on the shit days.
      You're right in saying that self harm is an addiction, so I feel ya there.

    • No problem! Thanks for the advice too I wil try to remember that.

  • its awesome! most of the time...


What Guys Said 3

  • I would say somewhere between A and B - With mental health issues you learn how to cope, it is still there but you control it rather than let it control it. For reference I am bipolar with chronic insomnia which led to very damaging behaviour with Sleeping Pills, Alcohol and Gambling

  • No experience with an addiction.
    A depression is like a long dark tunnel. You gotta get out of it without knowing if there's an exit and where to to go to.
    Then it ends slowly. It can come back.

  • I feel stronger. Every day I feel more and more in control.

    I feel that maybe it'll be okay if I don't get what I want, as long as I try.

    Maybe it's better to try to be happy than to be happy. I dunno. I'm not that happy most of the time. I take it where I find it.