I "like" and "unlike" people very easly?

i have a tendency to like and unlike people very easly. If i start flirting with a guy/ start talking to him a lot i start to like him and unless a guy is really nice and goodlooking i dont find other guys interesting. But the second i feel like they did me wrong in a way, i get upset, angry followed up by not liking them anymore.

So i get over people very easly.. for the smallest thing lol

Just to be clear i dont say anything to the guy so im assuimg they have no idea i got over them, ro even got upset over them.

This guy im currently talking to used well over 12 hours to respond to my message, he even saw the message but didn't reaply before 3-4 hours later. And within that time i got over him.. i have already another dated plan in additon to talking to another really cute guy.

Any advice? ithis is obvioualy a not a good way to handle anything lol


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  • That is quite alright, just go with the flow and be yourself.


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  • You're flightly, that's not attractive and it's good you realize that about yourself

    • what do you mean when you say "flightly"?

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