Can't tell if I'm introverted or extroverted?

Depending on my mood and energy level, I can be a social butterfly or a back country recluse. Sometimes I need to be around people or I get sensory deprivation. Other times I get hesitant to talk to new people and I value more of my personal me-time.

When I'm happy I'm more social, when I'm down I'm reclusive. I'm in a reclusive stage in my life right now because things aren't looking to bright for me.

I'm not sure why people label themselves as one or the other. Do you feel that you're in between the two extremes like me? Why or why not?


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  • It doesn't really matter what your label is. But if you're really curious, it becomes a game of would you rather. It's more about what you feel inside than how you act.
    For example, I can be really talkative in the classroom, but I hate group work. I can be joke and laugh with others, but I'd prefer not having conversation. I'll express my views articulately only if you give me reason to speak up. For that, and other reasons, I'm an introvert.


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  • There's a name for it where you can be both.. just forgot it though

  • you can be both. i am too.


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