Picture taking red lights?

Okay so the light was yellow once my tire passed the white line, but turned red after i was in the intersection so technically i didn't run a red light. I'm worried though because we have the red lights that take pictures and send them to you in the mail, so is this considered running a red light? And if it's not and they say it is what do I do?


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  • If it is clear that you did not blow through the intersection while the light was red then you will be fine. I am sure the local authorities will understand. If, however, you do receive a ticket by mail, please fight it. There are many lawyers who you can hire for very cheap cost to fight red light tickets by automated cameras because it is a very flawed practice in traffic laws. You will win 99% of the time.

  • You plead not guilty if anything comes up. Cities that do that are really ignorant and your situation is why.


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