How do you copy the link to google images with the new update and paste them on GAG (on mobile)?

Back on the old google for mobile devices, you would click on a picture, then click "view image" where it would bring you to a page that displayed the whole image. Then you would press on the search bar, copy the link, and paste it on GAG. But now that it has updated, i have no idea how to paste images on GAG anymore! Please help.



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  • all late... you did it lol


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  • I don't know what kind of device you have but just hold your finger on the image until the options show up and then press 'copy image URL'. You don't even need to go view the entire image this way.

    • I'm using an iPhone 4s. When i hold it down, it just highlights the image.

    • that will not work, at least not on my android tablet
      it will give you only the thumb and not the full image and it's not a data:/imgae url which will not work here

    • on Windows Phone you don't even get the option, but don't know how it is for iOS

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  • Just press and hold on the image until the context menu shows up, then "Open image in new tab". Do that until you get to the. jpg URL.

  • I can still click on "Full-sized image" to get the direct link, don't know how it looks like for you