Why tv movies always depick alien as bad?

i watch many alien movies and all of them the alien are seen as bad. The human try kill innocent alien who is good or alien come to earth and destroy earth recklessly.

never once i see alien get treated right.


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  • It's because it sells movie tickets, and regrettably most people in society are not prone to deep thinking. To be sure it's not that they aren't capable, they are, but by in large people tend to fear things they don't understand or can't relate to. I mean we can't even really get along with our own species much less aliens, this is also the reason we kill insects and spiders as readily as we do. The fact of the matter is they look nothing like us (alien) and by this fact they are hard to relate to so it makes it easier to kill them. This is also why it is harder for us to kill cats and dogs because we can relate to them easier, they have large forward facing expressive eyes, they have fur which is both pleasant to look at and touch so while we can kill them by in large we don't. The further away a creature looks like us the easier it is for us to kill it. I wish I could provide a better example than this but I'm afraid it's true.


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  • Then you need to see the movies E. T. and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

  • Ya you are right my extraterrestial mate, we should have reserved rights for aliens, aliens should be shown the compassion they deserve.