My girlfriend lies about money?

My girlfriend and i have an apartment together.. we both have job and we were supposed to split the bills.. we've been together 7 but recently my girlfriend has been lying about how much money she's been making.. yesterday she got paid and she said to me that her check was short because she hasn't been getting a lot of hours.. so I picked up her slack and this as been going on a lot lately but problem is she told me she on made $200 this week but this 10 minutes ago I found a bank receipt from yesterday for $300 and it kind upsets me because I thought we were working together. My? Is this okay and should I be upset


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  • No, this is not okay. People only lie when they have something to hide. Unless you have a birthday coming up and she's holding onto $100 for a gift then she's probably up to no good.

    • No and I have confronted her about this before and she told me that she is not obligated to tell me how much money she's got... that I have no right to be upset that if i was with someone else you think they would tell you how much money they have an so I got another thing coming

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    • It seems like she doesn't know how to manage her money very well. If you're gonna pick up her slack then she feels it's okay to spend her money on superfluous stuff. If you don't want this to continue you're gonna have to draw the line or stop living together.

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  • Yes, you should be especially if you both agreed to split the bills.


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