Mouse in my room?

So recently I completely cleaned my room, moved all the furniture out and cleaned hovered filled in a hole in my wall, which was small but ugly, then moved everything back in and hoovered again, I dont have much in my room and all my furntiure have legs so i can see underneath appart from my bed which has boxes, filled with school stuff and clothes. But are sealed. And dont have holes. I did this because at night i woke with a noise that sounded like chewing. It sounded like it was coming from directly behind me like either from insdie the wall or beneath me, but there are no mouse droppings and there is no sign otheriwse. I also have a humane mouse trap that wouldn't kill it placed and still no sign? What could the noise be I heard and where could it be coming from?


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  • A chewing noise is probably a mouse. Mice often breed in the fall and they look to get indoors to nest. I've always been able to catch them with a simple sticky trap. They love peanut butter, so put a dab of it on the center of the trap. If you catch him, put another trap out because it's likely their is also a mate.


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  • Wall lizards, mystery solved they make such sound if one of them enters others area, don't assume it's rather unless you find, rest shit around hidden corners or clothes and paper turned to bits

    • I saw 3 mouses in my kitchen but i managed to remove them, but there has not been a sign of them in my room

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    • i don't kill them i think its sad aha

    • Too bad 1 killed another mouse a couple of days ago hate them shitting in my kitchen

  • Loan a cat for a few days.

    • I could but i don't like killing haha

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  • Hmm if you have wooden bed frames and furniture, it might be termites, because yeah they chew pretty loudly. Had a similar experience before, you might want to call in pest control to get the place checked for termites.


    • They are so cute! But I just rather they don't get to cosy and leave!!

    • Something about the way they move and those beady black eyes... ugh

  • Maybe you have roaches in your walls.