Why is there always war in the Middle East?

Do you think there will ever be peace?


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  • No offense but they are crazy as hell over there and would still be killing each other due to all of that tribal nonsense. For fucks sake, the Saudi government still beheads people for punishment. -_- Some rich Kuwaiti girl and her boyfriend got naked and masturbated on cam. Someone hacked her webcam and used it for ransom to get that Kuwaiti oil money. She refused to pay up so he leaked the video. They buried her in the ground and threw stones at her head. The Middle East is fucking crazy and always has been with or without America.


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  • Because they're warring over which version of the religion of peace is the truly peaceful one; of course.


    As for peace, when their religion stops being prevalent. But at this rate, that probably won't happen for a long time. They would have to change their culture, and change their society.


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  • OMG really, even for me who was born and raised there, it's super duper complicated.
    There isn't A war but many wars...
    Syria: Dictatorship that was passed on from father to son. People wanted freedom, the President started killing them. And as if it wasn't enough, Isis joins in la fiesta.
    Iraq: Dunno the details, USA has something to do with it etc..
    Palestine/Israel: Ongoing war over the land
    I really wish for my people to live in peace...

  • Cuz America just can't mind her own business... no offence Americans - I know it's not ur fault lol

    • What do you mean "it's not ur fault"? Obviously it is America's fault. America (as a political entity) has been systematically destabilizing the middle east for decades!

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    • This isn't even about politics. I don't care whether you are progressive or conservative. It's about common sense. Maybe this is hard to understand for someone living in an ex-sovjet country but again, America is a democracy.
      America = democracy.
      Democracy = people can elect their politicians themselves
      Stupid politicians = people who voted for them.
      People who vote for stupid politicians = probably stupid themselves.
      See, it's really easy.

  • because theocracy reigns supreme over there
    religion mixed with politics is nothing but trouble


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  • Religion, tribalism, culture lack of wealth/no distribution of wealth, no organized government and Europe fucking up ethnic borders by creating their own borders are are the main reasons. Some people will say America is the sole cause but that is extremely false. People in the middle east have been at constant war with one another long before most people knew North/South America existed. America might have exasperated some issues with their meddling, but they are far from being the cause of the fighting.

    As for there being peace I have no idea. Peace is something that comes from within, and seeing how the Middle East have been at war for at least 2000 years I'm pretty skeptical of it happening any time soon. Also Israel existence makes the idea of peace more of a dream then a reality. The Middle East has always been considered sacred ground by many religions and as you can see each religion is unwilling to share that holy land.

    • Especially the capital Jerusalem right

  • When you think someone on GAG says Middle Earth and you get ready to nerd out because you read The Silmarillion and survived but then you realise when you get on the question that they said Middle East:

  • Because of America.
    And, in the case of Israel vs. Palestine because of Great Britain.

  • No, but when they run out of oil/we develop alternative fuel sources, it won't matter to us anymore.

    All the good people there try to get out. The only way to keep any level of peace is with an iron fist like Iran.

  • because of religion differences that the zealots on both sides can't seem to get past

  • Corrupt and greedy government we should be doing the same in the U. S but sadly it won't happen

  • Because of Islam. They need a science book.

    Because the west wants oil.

    Because of how the European countries divided the Ottoman Empire after World War I.

    Because of the creation of Israel in 1948.

  • There has been war in the Middle East for thousands of years. These days, the USA and its allies have a vested interest in maintaining instability in that region. I think eventually we will have peace, but it won't happen during my lifetime, or during my great-grandchildren's lifetimes.