How would you react if you saw a GIANT KITTY?

How would you react if you saw a GIANT KITTY?

Warning, he may use your entire house as a scratch post! Also beware of the giant hairballs!


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  • I would tame the wild kitty. Slowly but surely, I would visit it's favorite spot every single day. I would bring calming herbs to relax the kitty. When rain would come I would make the kitty a giant umbrella and keep the kitty dry with my 39 1/2 foot pole umbrella.

    One day the kitty would get stuck in a trap, and I would come to the day and rescue it. It would be unable to walk. So everyday I would bring it fresh food to eat and water. And at first it would growl and hiss, but eventually it would come to understand I meant it no no harm.

    One day I would get stuck in a trap or fall down a ravine and kitty would find me. I would be the tiniest bit afraid it was going to eat me, but instead it would pick me up in its mouth and take me to a dry cave. When I got hungry it would drop berries at my feet and honey comb. The kitty would have a sore nose, so I would apply herbs growing near me. When it was cold, every night the kitty would curl up next to me. And in its sleep it would purr. I would start to pet it. When it was time to learn how to walk, kitty would let me lean on it. In time I would be able to walk to the spring with kitty's help. We would hunt together and every night we would curl up in the cave.

    One day a fire would sweep through the forest and kitty and I would run. But I would be too slow. So, Kitty would let me hop on its back. Just when kitty thinks it can't run anymore the rain would pour down. We would go back to find most of our haven was burned. I would be sad but kitty would take me to an even better meadow with gold sparkling pools in one area and bright blue pools a small forest over.

    We would live here for 3 years and then we would wake up one day to find tracts exactly like ours but of our destined mates. And we would find the owner of those tracts. In 10 years kitty and I would have our own young and they would have an inseparable bond. I would be the Kittehsi Yarnlover of house Cutepaws. First of her name, the unclawed, Queen of Naps, Queen of the window sill and pillow and the dog's bed, grand kitty roamer of the great back yard, breaker of anything on the table, and mother of big ass kittehs.


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