What should you do if you're afraid to tell you're parents that you're bisexual?


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  • Lol at anyone who believes women are heterosexual, they are all bisexual, they consume 2.5 times as much lesbian porn as guys and it's is by far the most popular genre of porn to the female demographic (pornhub statistics, like you posted). "straight" women are also literally more aroused by the female body than the male body, indiana. edu/.../Chivers_Seto_Blanchard_2007. pdf (read that, it's scientifically sound proof). Playboy once did a test where women where aroused by a lap dance by both male and female strippers, while men where only aroused by female strippers.

    Most women will make out with other girls after minimal alcohol, and will be willing to do sexual things to another girl during an ffm threesome.
    Normally the thing that makes a girl want to have sex with a guy will be non physical, non gender specific traits and will need these non gender specific traits to feel sexual attraction to them in the first place.

    Female sexuality is fluid while men have a hard wired sexual orientation. Anthropologists say women don't actually have a sexual orientation, just an amorphous mess based off sexual narcissistic self affirmation. So tell your parents you are just a women, because all women are bisexual.


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  • Don't tell them if you are afraid or not ready. I did that and I wish I waited untill I was ready. Don't feel pressured to come out. Don't rush it, it is something that takes time, that is calm, that you do only when you are absolutely sure you are ready. Good luck~


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  • What makes you think you are?

    • Well actually I am because reasons that I prefer to keep to myself. I'm sorry if I sound rude.

  • Then just dont tell them. If they dont know, how exactly does that stop you from going out and dating guys and girls. You just won't be able to take the girls home right. See, not such a big deal.

  • They religious?

    • My stepmom is

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    • Yes but luckily I will be moving out soon so maybe I can never tell them or tell them when I'm comfortable enough too?

    • Up to you

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