Can stress also be cause by fitting many hats at once?

I'm finding myself doing and being several things at once such as:

- Being an 3.60 unweighted GPA student (this is my senior yr)
- Fit martial artist
- Intermediate in Spanish as a second language
- Good in video games
- Have a tiny lab I created in my room (always found hardcore science and math easy)
- Average in both cooking and baking (though it's not what I excel in, I'm improving)
- Animal lover; my favorites being spiders, centipedes and other crawlies

Many times I've found myself busy by fitting either all or several of those hats at once; continue staying fit, practing my Spanish, doing formulas, baking something, working on my lab, feeding my centipede, etc. that I can't find a time to actually hang out and just be an average girl for one day. I think I'm feeling kind of overloaded.


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