When do you connect to gag?

I am new here, but I've noticed that some people get connected quite often.
curiosity! when do you connect?
do you think that the people that are connected all the time have no lifes? do u think that those that are popular here have good real lifes?

dont get me wrong, is a pretty cool site


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  • I have been Connected to GAG for nearly two years here, dear, and being I am in the Heath Care Industry, right now, doing Residential with elderly in different homes in the area, I find easy to be Here for others who may Need me And.. Do. This has been a life mission I have doing for most of my life, helping others in need.
    Of course, I have a life, have been busy and on the Go all of my life, have had my hands into everything from soup to nuts, which makes me a Unique person.
    For the Others, who I cannot speak for, I am sure they Connect here in their own way every day.
    Good luck and welcome to GAG Town. xx


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  • Morning, afternoon, evening, night and in between those

    So not that often 😂


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  • I usually do it when I am working on assignments which has been happening often lately and when I wait for the bus cuz transportation sucks where I live, sometimes I need to wait for 40 min and I need a distraction xD.
    I can't speak for others but I do think they have a life lol

    • are you doing an assignment or waiting for the bus now? lol

    • actually, I am! haha I am working on an essay xD

  • I open GaG when I am bored (pretty much like any other social networking site) or when I have posted a question and want to see the comments :P

    Actually I recently joined GaG coz I am kind of free (compared to earlier) these days.


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  • Usually in the AM.