If you have been depressed, what helped you feel better?

Or is there anything you wished someone had done to support you?


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  • Medications, then therapy and time. Tincture of time heals many wounds.


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  • Fish Oil helps for that

    • Is that true?

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    • Ah okay, thank-you. :)

    • You are very welcome

  • Nothing, I just waited for it to pass.

    • I'm sorry to hear that :( . But I'm glad that you're better now <3

  • Watching the Shawshank Redemption. That movie is the bomb! Or just simply having a night out with your friends, it gets your mind off things and makes room to have a good time and not worry.

  • revisiting old fond memories, and connecting with old good friends. Letting time pass, and talking to supportive people who want to listen and give you advice. Eventually you realize, it's just a tiny phase in your life, and you can always change anything. I'm kind of finally starting to end my depression and to describe the feeling, it's like the last two days you have the flu/cold, you know you're still sick but it's only a matter of short timing when it will be completely over, perhaps tomorrow. Reading the bible also helped, and watching my favourite movies were great too.

    • This would have got mh if you'd told me earlier

      I'm really glad that you're getting better, I'm sorry that you had to go through something so horrible

    • Don't worry MH doesn't matter, I just hope you feel better too and if my opinion can help then I hope it helped make a difference :) And Thanks too!

    • This was actually to try and find ways to help someone I know who suffers with depression, I'm lucky that I never have. But yes you helped lots and thank you for caring <3

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