Which of the following places would you choose to go to this summer; Europe, Japan, or Okinawa?

I am trying to figure out what to do now so that I can get prepared. I am pretty sure I want to go abroad, but I really have no idea where to go. So 3 of my friends are taking a 3 week trip to Europe and going to France, Benelux, and Germany, which I really want to go on because my Grandmother is from France and I would like to see her village, and I have never been to Europe before, and dont really have other reasons to go. On the other hand my school wants me to go to Japan for a summer session in Japanese language study (because one of my majors is Japanese), which will help my language considerably and reunite me with some old friends in the same city, but I have already lived in Japan for 3 years for my dads job and I plan on going back after college. The third option is that I was offered an internship with one of my dad's friends in Okinawa, which sounds really cool because I have never been to Okinawa before, and I have heard cool things about it. I also would be able to use my Japanese in Okinawa since its part of Japan, but I am not really sure what I would be doing, and my dad's friend can only have me work for 3 weeks so it would only be part of the summer. I dont really know, 1 will be a chance to go somewhere entirely new and cool, another will be a chance to study Japanese language more intensively then ever before, and a third will be a trip to a new place with a culture I am already fairly familiar with, that offers me the opportunity to intern and practice Japanese. I really dont know though, I dont have a lot of money so I can't do all of them, and time is an issue too since they all overlap with each other. What would you do if you were in my position? I need some input

  • I would go study Japanese in Japan and see old friends
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  • I would go experience Europe with my current friends and not study at all
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  • I would go intern in Okinawa, see some sights, and practice Japanese on the side
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  • Both trips sound amazing! As a frequent traveler, It seems to me that you need to just weigh the importance of traveling for school/career or for leisure. Both offer very important and incredible experiences that are unique to themselves. I personally would choose to go on a trip with my 3 friends, only because as a college student I spend to much time focusing on what i'm doing for the rest of my life. A trip to Europe with friends would bring me more into the moment, and probably a lot more laughs. Everyone is different though. Whichever place you choose to travel too, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


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  • Europe is sounding the most appealing lol.

  • I was just in Italy and I've already been to japan. I would pick either but with those scenarios I guess Okinawa.


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  • Go to Europe. You can hit many more places in a 3 week time period in Europe because transportation between EU countries is fairly inexpensive. I'd go with your friends

  • Isn't Okinawa Japan? haha

    • Yes I specified that in the description, but its culturally different from Japan and its not located in "Japan proper" as some people would put it (which would be the 4 biggest islands), so when you say "Japan" people dont think Okinawa, they think the big islands. People have heard of Okinawa because of the war, not a lot of people know where Kyoto is which is why I didn't specify where in Japan. They are both part of Japan, but they are different places.

    • When I hear Japan, I think Okinawa. Did you downvote me for that? lmao