How could you change for the better in three years?

If you knew that in three years your entire life could be whatever you choose to make of it. What type of changes would you make and how could you go about completing those goals.

Ex. If a person wished to loose a significant amount of weight. That's plenty of time to change your diet and everyday activities. You could loses 150 pounds in that amount of time and that alone could offer a whole new life to somebody with opportunities they may have never encountered.

Or or a college drop out could return and complete a degree offering new job opportunities which could reduce the everyday stress and struggles a person may have by working part time at a minimum wage job. You could go about this by applying for grants and scholarships as well as seeking out a financial adviser to help see if you could qualify for student loans.

so.. If you had three years to transform yourself into a better version of yourself, what would you do and how would you do it? What's holding you back?


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  • I would say either finish school (Bachelor degree) or get training to help my career and to lose 100 pounds.


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  • More confidence and motivation would be a good thing. I'll hopefully have finished my degree and got a job. Learned all the adult-y stuff like how to pay taxes etc. that I'm clueless about now. Build a group of close friends. Become somehow loveable again to the guy who I love (in my dreams </3 )


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  • I would become more social, join some clubs meet new people and befriend them. Basically I'd get a life so to speak.


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