If you were in the middle of a fight and accidently slipped out a fart like one of these Mexican boys in this video, how would you feel?

  • I'd die of embarassment
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  • I'd be so embarassed that I'll try not to show my face ever again on the internet.
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  • I wouldn't be that embarassed so I'd just move on.
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  • I wouldn't be embarassed at all so I just won't care.
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  • Others
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  • If someone is fighting, I doubt they care that much about a fart slipping by.


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  • My gosh they are young and inexperienced fighters (obvious). They would both benefit greatly learning how to box and properly clinch to throw knees.


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  • More in embarrass if I suck that bad at fighting, my tae kwon do teachers would repeatedly kick me in my face for fighting like that.