Doesn't it suck working at a call center and your last call when you only have 1 min left?

This last year, before eventually getting tired and working elsewhere. Thought the calls weren't too fast, certain times that had to happened. I was already hungry, with only 1 min left to end my shift and suddenly a kinda of long call. Grrrrrrr


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  • Early on in my career I worked on helpdesks - I know exactly the type of calls you are talking about.

    • what would be even more annoying is on top of being automatically logged out on the end of my shift but still on phone talking with last client, I wouldn't get paid for those extra mins out of the system.

    • Ouch that hurts - Fortunately I always got credit for the extra time I was there.

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  • Yep. Been there. I used to work tech support.

  • I used to work in call centers. Hated that job lol

  • yeah I would go into an aux code or something to make sure I don't get that call, or transfer it to someone else

  • It is annoying.

    Could I ask why you ask this?

    • I never had a job but about your story yes it is annoying

    • exactly... you got no control of the system and have to still work for several long mins pass your shift; extra mins that you're not even getting paid for.

      I asked just because I wanted to share this.

    • Okay😊

  • I think it's awesome

    • Not when you're only getting paid for your hours and not those extra mins pass your shift (since the system already logs me out on the exact time while I'm still talking with client).

    • logged

    • basically, I was still talking when it was over

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