Am I right to be upset?

This girl and I have some history. We are currently seniors in college, and lived together our freshman and sophomore years. I ended up really liking her last year and felt like I might love her but over the summer she inexplicably shut me out and I was realy upset. This year she has only contacted me when she needed something from me, and today she did it again. It was a really detailed question for an assignment that is due tomorrow and I didn't feel like answering, but after determining that I couldn't exactly get away with not answering since she lives in the neighboring suite and sits really close to me in class, I answered with a detailed answer. She never even said thank you. Part of me wants to text back "You're welcome..." but I'm usually not passive aggressive and don't like starting fights. Is it best to just let this one go and ignore her from here on out? Or should I actually call her out on it? I'm done with her using me. It's one thing to ask for help, it's another to not thank me and only talk to me when she needs something


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  • I thi k it's perfectly fine for you to be angry. If you went out of your way to give her a detailed answer to her question, a thank you would of been nice. And on top of that, her being cold on you for no reason isn't cool at all either.

    I would just ask her what's up (face to face) just tell her, you've been adding odd (not your usual self). Otherwise if you don't want to spend the time doing that, you can just eliminate her out of your life as well.


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  • You should've send that passive aggressive message and stop talking to her afterwards altogether. If she comes back to you call her out on it and move on. That's what i would've done. But since you didn't, I would indeed ignore her and move on.


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  • Not acceptable. Blow her off like she's been blowing you off, and move on to someone who respects and appreciates you. You clearly deserve better.


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