With so many beautiful women in the world, how do you wind up choosing just one (in countries where you have to)?

Most countries, only allow you to have one wife, and that's because it boils down to money, not morals, although of course morals comes in to it too.

So with so many beautiful women in the world, how do you wind up choosing just one. What do you do?


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  • it's an interesting thought actually. that's the real test isn't it? if 1 man or one woman can actually select 1 of over 7 billion people... that makes them somethin else huh? to be able to see 1 person that way, as just enough to love forever. <3


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  • Because it doesn't matter how beautiful someone is. You choose someone based on how she makes you feel. How she makes you a better person. How she's always there for you. How beautiful her personality is. How she treats children and cares for you when you're sick.

    It doesn't matter how many beautiful people exist in this world. It matters what an individual girl means to you.

    I don't mean to compare a girl to a dog, it is in no way my intention and it's not true in any way shape or form, but it'll help me explain this further. Imagine going to the pet store and you're looking for a dog. You see multiple huskys, German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, etc. Each of them has a different coat and gorgeous eyes. These are absolutely gorgeous dogs. You initially want all of them, but you know you can't have all of them. One German Shepard looks at you through the cage with the most adorable eyes and it's tongue hanging out. You feel like you like this dog and you take it out of its cage. It immediately gallops to you and starts rubbing it's head against your leg and licks your skin. You have a connection with this dog. You love that it's friendly, you love that it's sweet and playful, you love that it's adorable. Though there were other dogs that you thought were gorgeous breeds and individuals, you chose this dog for a special reason.. Because you think that it's special and it's just what you want.

    Just like this German Shepard and the other dogs, there's many beautiful women in this world, but there's always just one that seems right for you. There's just one that suits your personality and needs. One that makes you complete. One that enhances your quality of life. One that will fight for you no matter what comes between a couple. Just one. And you can find her.


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  • Same goes for women. That's why monagomy is declining.


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  • You start looking at their personality and the women that have poor personalities are excluded, the woman with the best personality is the one you date.

  • 1. Espana
    2. Germany
    3. Ukraine
    4. UK
    5. Mexico
    6. Brazil
    To live in one of these is good enough. But, honestly, just be lazy enough to settle, I mean, you can cheat if you want to or simply proposition with your wife to let you pleasure fuck other beautiful women.

  • 1. Find a good looking girl
    2. talk to her
    3. Go on dates
    4. Develop feelings
    5. Ask her to be mine

  • I don't believe in monogamy.

  • That's kind of where "emotional bonding" comes into play, bro. If two girls are equally hot, but one of them I have a history with and a lot of affection for, and the other is a complete stranger... which girl is the better candidate for being a wife?