To those who are familiar with "The Lad Bible", do you feel their content is perhaps getting a little too ridiculous?

To those unfamiliar; Lad Bible was a small facebook group which has really grown in popularity here in the UK over the past couple of years.

They ran a article sometime back about this woman who as a 25 year old school teacher had a sexual relationship with two 15 year old students, of course she was arrested and awaited a court hearing but they weren't doing anything but praising the kids calling them "legands" etc.. Sure, as a guy growing up you'll have thoughts banging your hot teacher, but on the other hand if it was a older guy teacher having sex with 15 year old willing female students, everything would of been a hell lot different.

I still catch their content now and again, just this whole "lad" lifestyle just makes me feel like I'm living in a society of idiots.


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  • Yup. Usually the articles consist of more clickbait than useful information.


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  • no, it's fun. nobody takes it seriously.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I can't hate on the Lad bible. That shit is funny as fuck. Don't always take it too serious.

    • I used to be somewhat a fan before they were where they are now, just a lot of their stuff is really just click bait recycled bullshit now, I tend to just stay around for the football news and less about.. well everything else.

    • I just like lad bible and unilad on Facebook and I ignore the stupid things on my wall like normal.

What Guys Said 1

  • Lad bible and unilad (before they became watered down and pc) were the greatest breeding grounds for true alpha males in a world where men have become emasculated by feminism.