Which haircut would be the best for me?

I'm thinking slick back or slick back undercut haircut, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them?
This is me
Which haircut would be the best for me?

This is a slick back undercut.

The regular slick back hair style looks like this.

  • Slick back undercut
    33% (3)33% (2)33% (5)Vote
  • Slick back (regular)
    44% (4)33% (2)40% (6)Vote
  • I don't give a shit.
    11% (1)17% (1)13% (2)Vote
  • Other (leave a message pls on what)
    12% (1)17% (1)14% (2)Vote
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  • I think something in between these two would be great.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Technically you can't cut your hair longer.

    But I can imagine you looking cool in slick back undercut.

    • Yeah I know I have to wait to get me hair to grow longer for any hair style.

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