What part of your personality is dead that you're happy is gone?

For me it was racism, I never expressed my hatered for black people but I was racist, I'm deeply embarrassed and ahamed of myself for that.

I find racism, hating someone just because of the pigmentation of the skin really and deeply pathetic (I had that view even when I was racist)

I'm just happy that it's not apart of me anymore and have grew up from that pathetic side of me.

Also I'm 19 now and find my energy levels sky rocketing, I can't meditate anymore because of it haha

What about you guys?


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  • Being irrational. I don't find that trait in me anymore Iv become a lot calmer thinking before I speak


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  • 1. I used to be deathly afraid of public speaking, but more not very much.
    2, Similar to you asker, I used to be homophobic based on where I grew up (very traditional, old fashioned type environment in one of the central, rural, farming states). But I absolutely am not anymore.


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  • I was a pushover. I got beat up a couple of times, I didn't have a mind of my own, and and I would let people walk over me.

    But now you can't get me to shut up and I'm not afraid to defend myself.

  • I used to be a very flaky friend and I'm happy I'm a much better friend than I used to be. I also used to not be as sure of myself as I am today I am happy I am much more self assured in myself and what I want.

  • I used to be such a pussy. I let people walk all over me. But recently I've been the opposite, people don't pick fights with me anymore.


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  • For me, it was islamophobia. I was just a stupid kid back then. But after talking to real Muslims in my lifetime and not letting the media control my mind anymore, I like them now. They can be such great people.

  • I was really weird when I was in middle school, and not the good kind of weird either. I was also a big loner.

    I'm so glad I'm not like that anymore. Honestly if I were to come across my middle school self, I would probably want to smack me/them in the back of their head and tell me/them to cut that shit out.

    • I also used to be pretty homophobic when I was in middle school, but that's only because my entire family is extremely conservative.

      I'm pretty much the black sheep of the family now, at least when it comes to religious and political beliefs.

    • Sounds like me bro.. My family all follow the BBC and newspapers. I try to explain and they don't believe me. 😂
      My dad is a full on racist, which doesn't help

  • Probably my former social self. I used to be so socially awkward. Now I'ma social beast.

    • We da bomb now 8)

    • You know brother!
      I used to be like those kids at Minecraft conventions.. (okay, not that bad) But still. 😂

  • I used to get overly attached to people but I don't anymore.