Do you agree with my cousin?

Basically I took a test that was 100+ points with an essay and I didn't finish (or start the essay) and we were not aloud to take it tomorrow or next week because of a school festival/holiday and some kids in my class have to help out tomorrow and that affects the rest of the students in our class. I disliked that since 100+ points is a lot and it can affect my grade greatly and we can't finish that since some kids in our class are helping out tomorrow which is trivial to me. My cousin asked about this and judged me for it saying that it wasn't a big deal, it's just highschool and that I'm not going to die. I tried explaining to her but she just said "okay". This isn't the first time that this happens and it really irritates me because she makes it seem that since she's a freshman in colIege she knows more than me and is always in the right. I never said that it was the worse thing ever but at the same time, my grades matter a lot especially since I'm a junior. I'm trying to figure out if I'm wrong or right.


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  • depends like it could fuck up ur future nd shit

    • Exactly my grandmother says similar things to me. I feel like people won't understand if they took all regular classes, didn't care about their grades or dropped out.

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  • It depends how much it'll affect your grade and what kind of college you want to go to. I mean, looking back as a medical student, high school was a piece of cake and I really should have chilled tf out lol but right now to you it's the hardest thing you've ever known so of course you're not wrong.

    • I forgot to metioned that my accumulative gpa is a 2.7 so I have to get a good gpa each quarter in 11th grade to bump that up. My dream college is my state college but it's acceptance rate and requirements is similar to an ivy league. I plan on going to community college first before transferring but I think that having no change in my gpa (showing that I didn't try to do better) would turn most colleges away.