How do I get over the urge to spend?

I want to shop for stuff that I would like to have, but I know I will likely never use. I try to tell myself "don't buy it, you'll never use it" but even that's not enough. And I'm going to Disneyland very shortly and I want to buy dorky hats XD. One issue (I believe) is that I've been feeling sad lately (personal reasons) and I feel like if I buy some crap that it will fill the hole. Advice?


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  • If you can't control you're spending is to leave all your EFTPOS and Credit cards at home. Get cash out, pay by cash and only take what you need. This maybe an old method of payment but it will ensure you do not load your cards up because once the cash has gone that is it you can't buy anything else.


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  • Two things:

    First, keep a log of ALL of your purchases, no matter how small, for a month. That will help you cut back real fast, trust me.

    Second, practice mindfulness. There are lots of books on mindfulness meditation, and it's pretty good at helping you (or at least me) feel like I much more control over stuff like that.

    Third, reward yourself when you make a smart choice. First, just mentally pat yourself on the back.


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  • Spending like hoarding is an anxiety problem. Its like having a nervous tic that you MUST do. Counseling will help


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