I feel like crying? I feel like such a loser?

I do RAF (British people know what's RAF, if you don't know it look it up) i've worked my a$$ off for a year and a half to be promoted from being a cadet, i've done everything extra i needed to, i've contributed and i'm not bad at a drill. One of my "frenemies" didn't go to that camp thing we did, she's horrible at drill and guess what? SHE FRICKING GOT PROMOTED! all because she's a suck up. How fricking unfair is that? i never cry kay i'm strong enoough, but from all the effort i put in, a two faced backstabbing b! tch i thought was my friend manipulated her way into getting it. Oh and the other girl used to slap me, not a gentle slap, she used t slap me thinking it was a joke and she found it funny. I ended up getting that worked up and angry over it, i cried. I felt like such a loser, but i couldn't help it. Please help me.


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  • Just think of it this way if she sucks at the drills she will duck at the simulator and will probably never get to fly a eurofighter like you will and she'll end up flying cargo planes or with some boring desk job

    • I'm keeping on trying, i just hate the fact she's a higher rank now, she can basically boss me around.

    • Well if you ever end up in a war and your standing talking to her it's always the high ranked person that gets shot by the sniper so there's that

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  • If you are this unhappy you should quit and find a new job. This is obviously costing a lot of nerves...


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  • "all because she's a suck up."

    I was going to say there must have been some sucking involved.

    • Anyway, keep doing what you are doing, make connections with others, you will succeed in your endeavors
      And remember, a frienemy is not your friend.

    • How funny.

  • And I thought the USAF was bad... unfortunately, sucking up can pay off at times. But keep doing your job. Sooner or later she will be in a situation and she will not be able to talk or charm her way out of it.


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  • Being a suck up in a system of clearly set out hierarchy is likely to get you promoted. It's the nature of the beast.