My question is how can I overcome a a dark past?

My past consisted of me being ridiculed and picked on and beat up by my own blood (cousins) for reasons unknown. There was nothing wrong with me but I saw the guy on Facebook and it triggered these memories in my mind as well it evoked intense bitterness I wanted to punch the wall I was so angry and so depressed but you know I've always been single and my "cousins" used that against me telling me I will never be with anyone I'm 24 and still single so I actually believe them. But anyways I have a very very dark past and to this day I have different difficulties such as not having a job but I'm still searching. I don't know what to do or how to feel anymore towards life (there are worse things in my past not mentioned which is more profoundly worse but it's a long story?


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  • Maybe you should talk to a professional therapist and work through some of these issues. I think this is something you will need help and support to move past from

    • I don't have money for that

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    • Well I didn't ask this question primarily for help but also I posted this to vent

    • What do you mean by change? Do you mean by being delusional and run away from my own problems or just accept what has happened? I don't understand people like I know you are incapable of helping me but at least try to understand where I'm coming from at least have some empathy. I'm not try to search for attention but I want to let it all out

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  • There are many inspirational stories in this world; there have been plenty of people who have been poor and through hard work have become successful. You're still young and have plenty of years ahead of you. The problem is you need a plan. The past is the past; it's made who you are today, but you don't have to turn that to the negative. I understand forgiveness is hard, but you don't have to give them (cousins) consent to make you feel like shit. Believe in yourself and believe in your value as a person. You have something to offer, but you haven't discovered it yet. Don't be afraid of being alone. When you can accept being alone, rejection from women and anyone else doesn't matter. At that point, you will know that whatever companionship you get will be a plus. Anyway, what is your plan or goals in life?

    • Well perhaps you can handle being single more than I can (I don't know you or your past). To some others it's not important or its not a high priority to be in a relationship or have companionship but I'm not everybody else and to me it does in fact it's a huge reason why I am torn apart. You don't even know the half of my life story. I get it there are others who may had it worse than me or had a similar experience but I don't compare and contrast my problems with others I'm not living their life. I have in mind what I want to do in life but it's not relevant to the subject

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    • I'm so sick and tired of inspirational/motivational speeches. I just want things to happen. I'm so tired of people giving me false hope and telling me what's going to happen when it's really not or people always trying to belittle my problems or telling me that everything is going to be fine when it's not! It just pisses me off even more

    • You should belittle your problems because if you don't you are giving those problems power. Life happens; you can either do something about it or mope around and continue to live in misery. People can only show you the door; only you can walk through it. If this pisses you off, good. Let it out and face it. Only you can make positive changes in your life. No one else can no matter what we say. If things are not fine, don't you owe it to yourself to fix it?

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  • You are looking for a job, then you will find one eventually. Block the cousins on Facebook, or take a break from it for a while. Whatever your dark past consists of has awfully affected you in a negative way, however, you have the ability to control your emotions regarding it. Things are not okay now, and you will take time to heal. Try to make some changes today.

  • I understand. I have a dark past too


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