Has anyone else become numb to female beauty?

I go down town 4 nights per week. At first, I thought there was so many hot girls...

But after seeing 1000s of them, they begin to just blur together...

I could be talking to the hottest girl in the world and it wouldn't phase me...


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  • Perhaps you've matured mentally and it takes more than simply physical attractiveness to really have you attracted to them. I sometimes don't feel attracted to any guys, but once I actually talk and get to know them, I become flooded with thoughts about how physically attractive they are.

    • Mature? Me?


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    • Yes. Well depends on if she likes brownies but any type of chocolate along with flowers and perfume with hormones should do the trick. We women can sense testosterone from miles away.

    • Do I seem to have alot?

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  • Good for you. That's the proper head-space to be in for talking to women. They're just girls who say and do stupid shit, pretty face or no.

    • They don't all say and do stupid things...

      I find that most of them are very particular about their health...


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  • I agree. Most women in todays day feel "looks" are everything but what they don't realize is, that's not true. Beauty gets boring and to some extent if you don't bring something else to the table then you're just one of the rest.

  • No. And I hope I never do. Now, I'm not as intimidated by it as I used to be, but I still appreciate it. Physical beauty is a great thing, but it's utterly meaningless if that's all there is. Physical beauty + bad/vapid personality = ugly

  • Pretty much. But when they have a killer personality in addition to being fucking hot, I lose it.

    • In a see of 10,000 people, one personality usually differs very little from the next... I think "over socialization" is the term...

      But they still do have to be extremely hot... That's a given...

    • I think personality can differ. Asian girls for instance... They are much more submissive and feminine in their demeanor than white chicks these days.

    • I suppose...


  • Try not whackin off for a week. Let's see how u feel then

  • That sounds scary.. maybe they're all basic so they look the same

    • If you go out down town 100 times in 3 months, it will blur together...

      You see 100 supermodels every week...

  • I feel like that about like 98% of girls. But the top 2% ill always have time for. Some girls are retarded gorgeous. i only date really beautiful girls, they're actually worth the time and are far easier to get horny for

    • Yea but if you see those top 2% enough... You become desensitized...

      Think if you worked at a modeling company or something...

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    • I still think they're hot, but there's just so many of them...

      I have spent so much time around the hottest bartenders in town that you begin to notice their imperfections...

      A strikingly gorgeous centerfold model still has lines on her face and you can see when she's tired or in a bad mood, etc...

      You begin to notice more...

    • ik, and thats why i said they're rare. Dude, this one girl i went out with for a little bit, sweet fuck. usually in my relationships im the "pretty one", but god damn. she was something else. she dumped me, which almost never happens lol. it was ok though, i still got to hit that. i totally get where ur coming from, I've been there, but eventually you'll meet a really hot girl. u just gotta put urself out there more.