Why do people hate PUAs?

Why do people hate PUAs, or pickup artists? I sometimes wonder. Can anyone out there give me a good reason? All Google shows me is that people hate PUAs because they are [insert swear words here]. But what is the real reason?

Wait, I was talking about the "leaders" that put out all the lessons and teach the seminars. And I need reasons other than [insert ad hominem here].
I regret making this topic, people on the Internet are insane.


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  • It's a list long for the followers but in regards to the leaders it depends. I heard of one PUA leader who seems to be the most hated out of all of them. I can't remember his name but if I googled "most hated PUA" he'd probably show up. In short the guy views women as second class citizens and could give two shits about what anyone thinks. He's probably only half apologized once.

    Most likely PUA leaders are hated in general because you don't vet these people you teach these skills to. Think of it like a gun shop owner selling a gun to someone without processing the right paper work to make sure they're eligible and then find out a week later they shot up a school.


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  • They don't actually seem to see people of the opposite gender as actual people. What they teach is not anything people don't already know but they take advantage of people who are confused because they are so desperate for love that they'll take the chance listening to anything that says it has the answer for them.

    • ... yep, I can already tell that this is literally the best quality response this topic is going to see. R3d_Anonymous came a close second.


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  • PUAs are losers. They're usually too short or ugly to get the girl the normal way, so they either try blackmail or manipulate us into having sex with them.

    • You are right that PUA isn't right.

      But the way you worded that makes it sound like a "short" or "ugly" guy doesn't deserve to get a girl at all and thus should stay single forever.

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    • The fact that two girls upvoted this is *facepalm*.

    • Why should I care if I'm manipulating or blackmailing a woman? I'm getting what I want in the end.

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  • Because they're the worst in terms of commodifying dating and relationships, and most notorious for telling people to put on a fake persona. Also, even the dates that you might get out of that will generally be low quality because you're not meeting girls in a natural way.

    • Asker, I agree. Always that bad apple of an opinion in any question like this that you ask.

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  • I think the reason people tend to "hate" on PUAs is because they severely disagree with the methods that PUAs vouch will work.

  • PUAs have grown a rather... notorious reputation. Often the desire for women turn guys into more socially manipulative means. This was true in the very beginning of this movement.

    However, the pick-up community has matured quite a bit over the years. Groups like Real Social Dynamics actually help more than just 'pick up women.' They help develop social skills for all areas, and it's hardly manipulative.

    PUAs now teach others how to be self amusing, learn to project their own values in conversation, teaching self-confidence, how to avoid neediness and approval seeking, as well as a myriad of powerful tools.

  • Women hate pick up artists because it teaches beta males how to get laid, so women can't tell the difference between alpha males and beta males, so it causes them to get lower quality men. When pick up artists make men be able to have sex, it reduces the ability for women to control who gets sex.

  • - sociopaths, they see the world as a game.

    - see women as monolithic, and all have the same desires and insights, and needs

    - manipulative.

    - use psuedo-psychology

    - only works for given types of women (like ALL women everywhere give a fuck about a man who dresses stylish or has non-nerdy interests)

    - bastardises terminology from primatology or studying wolves and reckon it applies to dating

  • As a person who has followed some PUAs I can tell you that most of them are scams... you can probably talk to a girl using lines and techniques for a night but sooner or later she will find out your true self... I think only view of the PUAs are actually genuine but they hardly call themselves or associate themselves with PUAs. Only book that I have found useful till now is College Dating Domination which is now known as Conquer Your Campus by Mark Redman. Models by Mark Manson seem pretty genuine too but I haven't tried it. People hate PUAs in general cause they somehow promote fooling girls into sleeping with you, which is not as easy as PUAs make it look and also it is wrong

  • the only reason why i hate them is because their teachings give that illusion that as men we must make all women in the world our main priority in life. and that if we are unsuccessful with them we are unsuccessful with life, period!

    if you ask me that is one of the top believes that needs to disappear from our society asap! otherwise we are gonna keep having more Elliot Rodgers in our society along with other complexities and frustrations, etc.

    • This is honestly a great reason which should have been posted earlier. I have noticed this, but different sectors of the Internet seem to dislike this inconvenient truth. This is not exclusive to PUAs though, I grew up with having people tell me that a woman is what makes or breaks you. It's a dangerous idea which seems to hit young guys the hardest.

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    • Haha, dude... I've mentioned that plenty of times here. Reddit and Tumblr are horrible places. I guess we've just never run into each other much on this website. Take care of yourself man.

    • oh yea i think i have seen a recent post with you saying these things in within your answers, lmao its just mild amnesia i guess.

      but oh well i hope we keep running in on these types of questions as i do love to dispute about this subject. and since all my partners in crimes have been dropping like flies i dont mind you being my new one

  • Because women believe men are born winners or losers. If you have to work to better your social skills women deem you a loser thus to them PUA is for losers. That is because when a girl is born she knows she's either hot or ugly. She thinks of men similar to that, she thinks men can only be born alpha.

    Sadly most women don't realize that ALL men have to work to become the alpha male in life.

  • They're players. They don't know how to commit

  • Most of pickup artists are just bullshit. Talking, talking bullshit.

    PUA's is like a robotic talk to talk to women. Just be who you are damn and approach a girl.

    Remember never whisper and scream to girl like an asshole.

    PUA was actually made for learning people how to talk to girls, but most of men see PUA just for sex and other things.