Y people gets angry after hearing truth. But in reality they wanna hear truth only. Which is better, buttering or truth?

I said truth that's all

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  • The truth can be direct but delivered tactfully.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Sometimes it's not that people are mad about hearing the truth, but that you delivered the truth in a cold, tactless, inconsiderate, harsh, judgmental way that makes you look like an insensitive dumb fuq of an idiot. If you do not have good communication skills and fail at speaking the truth without being offensive or being completely unhelpful, then that is what's going to make people angry.

    • That's true but... If the listner is not civilized then i think better not to help by saying truth instead just keep quiet and digest d truth is better option

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    • Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not?

    • Are you a doctor too... lol. I wished u a great day ahead n u are turning it into a horney day. please do what I said, take a deep breath... bla bla bla. Now pleaseeeeeeeee stop fighting with me.

  • I like the truth...
    But a lot of people prefer not to hear the truth.

    • Yup that's true. So better not to say I think.. What's your opinion?

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    • Haha Thank you. =)

      I love people who value the truth.

    • It's my pleasure beautiful girl. I value truth and even fight for it. and I know eventually truth win over sin.

What Guys Said 3

  • I am gonna tell the truth to the best of my ability even if it pizzes someone off. If I do that they not only understand my feelings on the subject , but they also know where they stand

  • ... they can't handle the truth.

    • You are right bro..

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    • True but it depends on the situation. If every single time you perceive someone as "not listening and imposing their thinking." then there's probably something wrong with the way you two are interacting.

    • @Esplorare now probably you r trying to save some1's chastity, or might b yours. Don't bring ego, or make it a point of prestige. Just accept the fact n do good always. I'm a friend and become a awesome friend if u give chance. Trust me

  • Truth... if you can handle it.