Is this normal?

for the past year and a half now it's been a struggle to get myself out of bed, get ready and out of the house. i haven't really noticed it until recently and i'v noticed that i've lost a lot of close friends due to this. i'm just always in a 'i can't be bothered mood' is this normal? if not what's wrong with me?
growing up i've never cared about what people thought of me, but now it's gard to walk outside of the house worrying what people think abuot me and if they like me or not. it's also started to become a struggle to speak infront of a large number of people. my mouth goes dry, i get a lump in my throat, myhands start to sweat and shake- like a lot. please can someone tell me if there is anything wrong and if so what i can do about it? Many thanks :)


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  • I'm not a doctor but it sounds like either depression or anxiety.


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  • I think you need to speak to a doctor. It sounds like anxiety which could manifest as agoraphobia (you dont want this!) I think if you have a chat to your doc he will refer you to someone who can help get your mojo back xx


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  • I still have a hard time, not enough sleep , no motivation, no goals, you need 7 hours normally of sleep, could be why or even a poor diet could be why


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