You're sitting on the couch, watching tv... a little dog/cat jumps on your lap and falls asleep. What do you do?

  • I'll let it sleep on my lap, pet it, So Adorable!
    71% (12)70% (7)70% (19)Vote
  • I'll put it next to me, it can sleep there... cute little thing though
    6% (1)0% (0)4% (1)Vote
  • It depends... if it's a cat or a dog
    0% (0)20% (2)7% (2)Vote
  • Get off me! Get outta here!
    23% (4)10% (1)19% (5)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The instant I become unable to freely move is the instant when my bladder always decides it's time to be emptied. Without fail. So I'd probably be like, "It's cute but man I have to pee!" And I'd be stuck there in torture until I decided the animal had slept long enough :p


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