Is becoming rich really out of the question?

Is it wrong that I have an obsessive desire to be rich? I'm 22 and I've been putting in hard work at university and have a job lined up for me soon making 70k a year as a Financial Anallyst. I only want to do this for two years max. I want to invest in real estate.. bonds.. stocks. I've read at least 50 books on investing and how to acquire wealth. I've memorized every rule that Warren Buffet has ever said. I'm just hungry for it. I guess it sounds vain but that lifestyle of driving a rari in beverley hills and being able to travel across the world whenever I feel. Life is a game and money is a big part of it. When I tell people I'm going to be rich they don't really take me seriously.. but they don't know my plans.

  • You got this
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  • Most likely won't happen
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  • You sound vain.
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  • Fck poor people. Make Money.
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  • Well with THAT attitude, how could u NOT be rich?