What do guys find attractive in girls (personality, interests, makeup/ clothing, etc.)?


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  • Acting like yourself around guys is, in the very least, a good way to make them like you as a person. Men are pretty simplistic, a genuine show of affection can be more than enough to get them to like you. But at the same time sharing similar interests is a good way to improve your relationship with someone, and important to maintain a more long lasting affection.

    ... And looking as though you put in a little effort doesn't hurt. Thats not to say you need to look amazing of course.

    Finally body language is the most important part of getting a guy to like you, that applies to all social situations though. If your body language is defensive or enclosed then it's not going to help your cause. Whereas appearing open and confident will go a long way.


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  • The first thing that will get me attracted to a girl is their face and their body, then their personality will decide if we're compatible or not and interests/clothing is just a bonus.

  • Extroverted, chatty, accomodating, assuring, eyeliner


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