Do you think this is sad?

Is it sad that I really miss this girl I have been talking to? She's away since yesterday and I was away for the beginning of the week so we haven't talked and I feel like it might be a little sad or desperate that I like really miss her?

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Anyone got any advice or opinions please
Anyone? Advice please


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  • I think it shows that you really like her. but to sort of be so sad and missing her after only a day or two seems a bit much.

    but it's ok

  • its cool man, it mans you like the girl. now you just gotta hope she likes you too

    • I'm pretty sure she likes me, certain actually that's why we are talking really cause we weren't friends or anything

    • so its fine, just dont overdo it because you are probably tempted to message her every second of every day. haha. we have all been there dont worry

    • I won't message her, she will have to message me cause I'm not sure when she's back and she's gone to America so phone bill wouldn't be fun lol