Is it best to warm up cars?

I recently purchased a Nissan Sentra 2015 and not sure if I should warm up car? If I do how long? Weather it's getting a little chillier in the morning and then winter begins soon


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  • I am a mechanic. Yes, you should always warm up your car. Having a remote starter is the best way, and most convenient as you can just start it as you are getting ready to leave. Basically, your car's engine has a lot of metal moving parts that are designed to work and fit together when your engine is at full operating temp. Metal expands when hot. So a cold engine has metal parts that do not fit the greatest together and can lead to accelerated wear. Driving a cold engine will hurt it. Oil is thicker the colder it is and doesn't lubricate the best when cold either. So driving a cold car is actually a double whammy bad. It doesn't take long to warm up enough to allow good oil circulation and part mating, only a minute or so. Below freezing, is a few minutes, and longer if you want if it is really cold. Running a car to warm up also allows the defrost to warm up and ensure your windows are properly clear and you are also warm and comfortable enough to drive your car safely.


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  • Yes it is best to allow it several minutes to warm up. Cold oil is thickest and harder for the oil pump to circulate through the engine. Warming it will thin it out and extend you engine life

  • For fall you dont need to warm up, its only for whether below 0 basically. like cold you know

    A good warm up for 5 -10 mins is awesome and your car will run smoother.


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