How bad is traffic from where you're from?

Say where you are from. Mine, from US on 10 us interstate fwy, heavy traffic, terrible, over an hour to get to work, usually about an hour and a half.


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  • It's not too bad unless you get behind someone who likes to go 10+ miles under the speed limit. The old people in this area make me want to commit murder.


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  • California has some pretty bad traffic but it does not beat China

    • LOL Haha as if that wasn't bad enough you have to pay the toll plaza. Pay to wait. Booooo!!

  • South FL, USA. Very heavy traffic, always congested. It is especially bad this time of year with all the snowbirds coming down. Drives that used to take 20 mins now take about 40 mins to an hour!!

    • Haha snowbirds is that what they call the old timers.

    • Thats what we call all the northerners coming down here to avoid the snow and cold from up north.

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