Does anyone have any cool or funny car stories?

Bored and just wanted to ask this. It can be anything


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  • One time some asshole driving in front of me kept trying to play the brakes game where they'd be going like 45 and then stop and I got sick of his shit real quick so I just cross into the oncoming traffic lane and cut back in front of him. Then he got pissed and flashed his lights and honked but idgaf so I just went exactly 45mph and I'm like pass me, I don't care but he was too chickenshit to do what I did. The minute the road turned into a two lane he came out from behind me and tried to pass me but was stuck on my left I kept cutting him off and forcing him to the left lane lmfao so we're going like 60 on a 45 and he doesn't notice the lane he's in turns into a right turn only so he misses that, then notices the grassy hill with a huge ditch - I watch him slam on brakes but topple the fuck into that ditch and I'm laughing so hard and I just drive away into the sunset. He was fine, landed flat on 4 wheels (barely) and only jacked up his front bumper and prob his fender. I don't know, didn't stop to chat.

    • oh man, well he did initiate it first. You're one tough customer when it comes to driving haha. I like that though lol!!! Join me on the racetrack someday :D

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  • This one time I drove drunk and ran over a toddler. Fortunately I got away with it.


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  • One time my family, mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, and I, all went out shopping.
    We were leaving the store and everyone was in the car, but my grandma didn't see my cousin enter and sit in the seat behind her. My mom is quick as lightening and started ranting about how my cousin should hurry up, and that she was going to leave her.
    My grandma gets so serious and tells my mom to be patient and that she better not leave her. The three of us in the backseat were almost choking ourselves to stop from laughing. My mom pulls off. My grandma protests "No, how can you leave her? You have to let me out. I have to stay with her." And she actually teared up (ok, so now we're all going to hell for making an old lady cry) And my mom drives all the way to CiCi's pizza. And we get out, my cousin included, and my grandma is so relieved. We all ate pizza for lunch. It was a really fun day :)

  • The funniest one i did was racing my guy friend back to my friends apartment. I was in a 2010 ford focus and he was in a pickup truck. Which he had some of our friends in it and I had some of ours. Well at one point he was winning. Then I saw a small enough space right before a red light. It was really risky since it was a small window. I sped up and just barely made it. Thanks to that I passed him and won the race there. I made this dude scream like a little girl from the stunt. Plus I made the female friend in the truck scream her head off as well. That was just a bonus but it was badass. :D No i didn't go over the speed limit ex for when I got that small opening.

    • YEAAAH!!! you're a future race car driver i tell ya!! Good job lol

    • lol I doubt I could do that now. Since that was when I was 19. I don't think i'm stupid enough to try that again. :D

    • You have the mind of a racer though!! i like that ;) :)

  • well i can't call this a car story but i can call this a bus story every day in the morning on the way to school a kid sat in the back of the bus and would masturbate furiously he has a hole on the bottom of his back pack to hide it and one day a bully called him a faggot picked up his back pack an there it was the 4 inch of hard wood that shot all over the bullies clothes an the kid sat there laughing his ass off an the bully was nicknamed, Cum Dumpster, Cumshot Supreme, Cum Rag and etc it was the best day in 5th grade for me

    • oh an a funny thing is the bully is now proudly being boned by him xD

    • omg lol as soon as i read "and would masturbate furiously" i was like "ummmmm O_O". LMFAO that bully got what he deserved

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