What are your thoughts on hunting?

Following the story of cecil the lion and another recent story involving the death of the biggest elephant to be killed in over 30 years, i thought I would ask you guys what your thoughts are.

I’m an ecologist in the making, currently in my second year of uni studying ecology and conservation, so it’s fair to say that I love animals. However, I try not to let this cloud my judgement when it comes to the subject of hunting as I have been presented with some undeniable facts that it can in fact help with conservation. It doesn’t help though, as it still breaks my heart whenever i see one of these magnificent animals being killed for sport.

However, hunters pay big money to hunt these animals which is directly injected into national parks. Let’s face it, they don’t want these animals to go extinct because they want to continue hunting. This is called ecotourism and its big business.

What are your thoughts on the subject? These hunters pay anywhere between $40k to $100k which is a lot of money for locals in poorer communities. In genuine cases, this money is invested into the wildlife park the animal was taken from.

It’s a very sad state of affairs and i hate hunting, but I cannot deny its economic benefits. One of my personal goals is to shift ecotourism away from hunting to a friendlier alternative. I want to make seeing these animals alive a more attractive prospect than shooting them.

what are your thoughts?


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  • Well, not all hunters go off to these various countries to hunt big game like that. I go deer hunting some, my family eats what we kill. Therefore, I have no real issues with hunting. However, I don't agree with killing just for the sake of killing. In my opinion, if someone isn't going to eat the animal then why kill it? Unless of course the animal was attacking them and it was done in self-defense or in defense of livestock. For instance, where I live, coyotes have become a problem as they may attack livestock, so in that case, farmers have the right to protect their animals.

    In fact, coyotes were actually released where I live by the state as a way to control the deer population, except it backfired and the coyote population is now getting out of hand. When you think about it that way, hunting is a better way of handling the deer population as opposed to just releasing coyotes here since hunting can be controlled. As it stands, firearm deer hunting season is a little less than two months long where I live.

    So, while some may not like it, not all hunters are "evil animal-haters." There are plenty of people who respect the animal they kill and use that animal to feed their families rather than just killing it for sport and not using it for any other purpose. That being said, the type of hunting you are talking about in your question here is different. I can't think of anyone that would eat a lion or an elephant so like I said at the beginning of my response, I really don't see the point in killing animals like that.

    • well thats all part of the debate. i have no issues against people taking animals as a mean to survive.

      Your argument about coyotes is an interesting one, and is a classic example of people not understanding the ecology of their local environment. introducing coyotes has obviously caused more problems than it has solved, because there is nothing to keep the coyote population in check.

      this is known as a trophic cascade - this video explains it to a certain extent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q

      you can't just reintroduce a key predator without problems.

    • Yep, exactly, so that's the problem my area is facing now.

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  • More Americans walk into the woods as hunters every year than there are soldiers in every military in the world combined.

    Hunters were the original conservationists, keeping animal populations under control so the species can thrive. I know one girl who LOVES animals and she's a deer hunter.

    I love animals myself but I'm looking at getting into the hunting game. I was driving into work a couple years ago and saw a Honda Element hit a deer, the deer didn't die from the impact though, it got up and ran away, or tried to as there was a big red hole where it's right front shoulder should have been. You're telling me a.300 Winmag to its chest is a worse way for that deer to die than for it to be hit by a small car and die from horrendous injuries like that?

    As for trophy hunters, people always seem to forget that the meat from those big kills goes to the local villages nearby, it's not like they kill the animal, take its head then leave the body to rot, they put it to good use.

    Obviously, I think hunting is a very positive thing.


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  • I'm on the same page as u. i think it's sickening tbh. humans r such idiots sometimes.
    this has got to stuff. making a bloody sport out of some of our most precious species. like lions and other big cats are already dwindling in numbers -.- and as u know, elephants take a LONG time to breed.

    hopefully the future generations of ecologists and conservationists like yourself can help.

  • FUCKING HATE IT WITH A PASSION. I hate hunters, I could NEVER date a hunter, I want nothing to do with them. No matter if they hunt for food or for fun, despise them either way. Hunting needs to be banned for good. Poor animals. :(

    • You'd rather animal populations skyrocket out of control? Deer getting hit by cars and taking days to die of their injuries, people hitting moose and getting killed themselves? Precious family pets and in some cases small children being killed by wild boars?

      Hunting is far and away the best way to ensure that our wildlife thrives.

  • Unless you live in a cabin in the woods and actually have to kill your own food, you have no reason to go hunting. Then it's just sports FO you and fuck you for getting off by killing beautiful animals. I hope someone would do something horrible to you if you're a sports hunter.

  • it's sad because the victim didn't decide to be a martyr on it's own

  • It's barbaric and murder.

  • I think i would almost pay $60,00 to shoot that idiot hunter and post that pic to fb - karma!

  • Hunting species that are not endangered for food/survival is fine by me. Sport/trophy hunting of any kind is not ok, period.

    • but the money that is generated by sport hunting finances that species conservation. a hunter pays 40k to hunt an elephant, that 40k is invested into elephant conservation.

      that is ecotourism. its a difficult situation.

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    • i agree, i dont think its right either. this is the debate though, the money generated through hunting does help to conserve the species.

      i wish there were more attractive ways to generate the income besides hunting.

    • It is very much a double edged sword

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  • I'm ok with hunting as long as you don't hunt endangered animals and you eat those animals you kill.
    If you kill for sport and to boost your ego, you lose all my respect and you're just the lowest piece of sh*t in the planet.
    That guy who killed that elephant should be put in jail.
    The countries should make it illegal to import those "trophies" that would help the rich assholes stop killing just to hang an animal's head in their room.

    • I tend to agree, but lets say that the money he paid to kill the elephant was injected directly into the conservation of the species within the park. does this justify that animals death?

    • I don't care how much he paid, or if it's legal in Zimbabwe, he still shouldn't be killing animals just because he wants to. That's why I said that countries should make it illegal for him to bring that back home, that way he wouldn't do it, or it would decrease the amount of people that do it.

    • I agree, I despise hunting, but if hunting isn't a thing, those communities need to generate revenue some other way. what are your suggestions?

  • Well, I can justify hunting just in two cases:
    1) People hunt for eating
    2) People legally hunt to reduce animals' population which is dangerous or problematic for humans or other animals.
    I do hunt for ducks from time to time, mostly to check my hunting optics ( http://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-weapon-sight ) , not for killing birds. Moreover, I find it unnatural and cruel to kill predators like lions and other animals, which weren't created to be killed.

  • I've hunted before and I'll do it again many times over. But I only kill for food, and never waste anything if I know how to use it. I never for sport or pleasure and I'll never big game hunt or hunt endangered species. I always treat for kills with the utmost respect even praying over them.

    There's a difference between being a true hunter and just being an animal killer the Indians knew the difference and so did many other ancient or older races and tribes.

  • I've always wanted to kill an elephant. But i would never do it illegally, only if it was going to be killed by the government.

  • I hate sport hunting, but I would sure LOVE to hunt those 'big game' hunting fuckheads and nail their heads up on the wall of my trophy room.