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I'm 17 and am a junior in high school. I love art, but it seems I can't get any inspiration for it. I have lived in the same house for all 17 years of my life. My parents hate traveling and trying to go out of state for college is a lot of money. So any ideas to help my creativity.


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  • Go for walks, specificly down streets you don't usually go down. Listen to music, again types you usually wouldn't listen to, and in general seek out things that will stimulate your mind but that you would not normally seek out. The greater the variety the greater the inspiration.


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  • The structure of the human body is quite impressive to me, that can be insperational.

    Maybe read up on fractals, they are quite neat and somewhat artistic.

    Watch a slow motion video of an explosive shockwave going through wooden materials, or maybe explosions in water or gunshots in water, those are all rather neat to see, watching the ripples and such.

  • I wouldn't say weed... but move around see the world, the sky, ocean, people's actions. for instance. .. anything that would make you look at things from different angles... and make the combination.


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  • Pinterest go to local art shows or art gallery. Find a famous piece and try to copy it ex starry night. It's a great exercise to learn about color and painting styles, my art teacher had us do this in my first year university