What does it mean to lust after a girl?

im currently in a 7 month relationship and i told my friend about this other girl i met 2 months ago and i some sexual stuff about her like i would sleep with her. and they said that means you're lusting after another girl. am i?

and, what does it even mean to lust after a girl?

  • yes, you're lusting after that girl, but it's normal
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  • yes, you're lusting after that girl, it's not normal
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  • no, you're not lusting after that girl
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  • In the bible this kind of attitude / thinking can get you into hell.


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  • It's basically just sexual desires without any emotional attachment. You see that a lot nowadays and yes I think you are.

  • to not really have any emotional desires or feelings for her, but to feel a simple sexual attraction. also 100% normal. it's only bad if you act on those desires.


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