What should I send to those people?

I signed up to postcrossing and I need to send postcards to a German girl, a Russian girl, a Russian-American couple from Illinois, a little boy from England and a Chinese girl. I already prepared the Chinese girl's postcard, I can't put anything in it anymore but I heard people send each other stuff like chocolate with the cards. What should I send to the others?

I'm thinking about some Turkish coffee for the Americans. They won't be getting it until about a month because the postcards in my area are boring, I'll go on a hunt for more interesting ones with my dad. Thank God I live in Istanbul.


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  • I've always wanted to try Turkish coffee. Send me some too :(


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  • Definetly send them coffee. Also some Turkish candy and jewelry as well.

    • Not sure if lokum would fit in the envelope. But the next one will definitely get coffee.