PTSD essay help?

I need help with a clincher for my essay. I began my essay with
"imagine waking up everyday to feeling of alienation, helplessness, rage, guilt, and depression, while constantly being tormented by insomnia and haunting flashbacks. This is the life of someone with PTSD." So how can I end my essay with this as the beginning?


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  • Try a hopeful not. " I go to sleep knowing I've done my best to combat the feelings I started the day with. The satisfaction from knowing I stayed on course during the day will help me sleep well. When I wake up, I hope this feelings of hopelessness will not be so intense.'

    • Thanks for the MHO, and best of luck to you. Get some help with these feelings.

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  • There is long list of downsides to living with PTSD. The good news is that this disorder is the subject of more study, attention, and focus than ever before. Thousands of people now recognize that there is help out there; people who may not have stepped forward before are asking for help. And receiving it. Progress is being made for those afflicted by it, and we know that we are not alone.


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  • First of all I have to say that I think thats a terrible way to start the essay, and I would have a hard time taking what you'd write next seriously, since your opening is so over exaggerated and inaccurate.

    But if you really want to go with that, then you could end it with something similar like mentioning that even if the little things dont mean much to the average person, they can mean the world to someone with PTSD.

    • How could I start it then?

    • Well Im not gonna write the essay for you, but just start with something more accurate. Just because you have PSTD doesn't mean you also have depressions or insomnia, and it definitely doesn't mean that you wake up everyday "to feeling of alienation, helplessness, rage and guilt"

      Why not just write about what PSTD is actually about, like how people could be having fun with fireworks, but to someone with PSTD it might only bring horrible memories about horrific things forcibly into their head.

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