If someone abuses you in public (cuss words etc), Is throwing a punch justified?


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  • Whatever you feel right. Usually I find it funny. Abuser is making fun of him/herself 😂

    • Not really, how can the abuser possibly make fun of himself if he says '' I paid your mother $5 for that amazing blowjob."

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    • He wouldn't be able to call police 😈

    • Oh ho ho..

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  • Short of a physical altercation, there is no reason to justify swinging at someone. If you hit someone cause they cursed at you, then you are the aggressor and would be the one who could be Prosecuted for assault.

    • So one can torment anyone saying anything disgusting and unacceptable provoking, and you wouldn't be legally correct to brofist their face?

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    • Hardly makes any sense, because anger is a natural emotion, and I doubt you are correct about the legal stuff.

    • I am not sure where you are, but in the US, hurtful words is not enough of a justification for physical assault.