He's one of the main bosses, but Is he interested? Read more?

So.. I have like 6 bosses. I work for apple so I guess its that way. Anyways one of my bosses whom I've never even talked to is acting super weird. Whenever he sees me he stares, he's even tried to stand near me to get attention, we (along with a few other coworkers) got in an elevator today together and he tried to show off in front of me. Before we went in the elevator he kept staring at me and trying to be all cute by pressing the elevator button all weird. Anyways, after we got off the elevator he was leaving and he stared at me as I walked into the area I work. Why is he doing this?
Side Note: My best friend who also works there told me he slept with these two ladies so that they could get promoted... Is he trying to do that with me?

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  • He's just being creepy...