What to get your mother in-law for Christmas?

She is into dogs she has 4 and is a big family person I just don't know what to get her can anyone help? It's my boyfriend's mother so it's no use asking him.


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  • Has she had family photos done lately? Not sure how much you want to spend, but, you could get her a nice photo frame and put a coupon in with it for one family photo at Christmas time. That way she can include her dogs and the family members when everyone is together. If you have a decent camera, you can take the photo for them and have it processed and take it to them afterwards to put in the frame you gave them.


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  • I see someone already suggested this, but I was gonna suggest a photo frame! :) If you can do so without her noticing, you could even take her dogs out somewhere and get a good picture of them to put in it.

    Or you can do anything really. A cookbook, a cookbook for dogs (not sure if it exists but it'd be cool), some pretty decoration for the house or something, a good smelling candle (I'm obsessed with Yankee Candles), etc.


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  • Doggie chew toys for the doggies, and Anything you can possibly think of that his Mom would love and doesn't have much of.
    Good luck, @Cal_101 xx