Programmers-will I get a bad grade on this?

I'm currently in a data structures course and we were recently given a project that most of my classmates didn't finish. I finished mine and got it working perfectly with the desired output. The thing is I misread how he wanted it done and I'm not sure if I will get major points taken off.

He asked us to create a social network using a profile class, stack class, and client. He said to use the stack class in composition with the profile class to store each profile's "followed" profiles. I did this and made each profile have its own stack of follows. The thing is he said to store the actual profiles in a list as a Stack<Profile>. I stored mine in an arraylist of type profile because he said "list" and I think he wanted us to make a stack. Is this something a TA would take a lot of points off for? It didn't make sense to me to have that part as a stack either :-/ I tried talking to the prof about it and he said to wait and see what the grade is, but it's making me nervous.


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  • you answered your own question. he asked for one thing, you did another.

    i'm assuming this was an in class activity? if so, the fact you had a finished product and others didn't is good... unfortunately, rushing leads to mistakes.

    the exercise was presented w/ the intent to teach you about stacks and their unique properties. first in, last out, etc. follows stored as UserIDs just happen to be the data you're learning with.

    if u created methods for your arraylist to duplicate certain stack functions, then expect a good grade. if you didn't, then don't expect much more than a C.

    • I used a stack to store the follows which accounted for half the project requirements. I used an arraylist to store the actual profiles in the file and each profile had it's own stack associated with it. I definitely showed I know how to use stacks. His wording was poor because he said make a master list of the actual profiles and after we turned it in he said he wanted a stack for that part too :(

    • i'm having this issue w/ my current chem professor on his exams.

      message me so we can talk more programming =) rare that a lady is into that.

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  • What language are you using?