What to do in this situation?

I'm currently working on a group presentation with three other people. Here's the problem: These people have no fucking idea what we are supposed to be doing. They want to do "whatever is easier" when what they think is easy makes no sense and is not what we are supposed to be doing. All three of them are like this and I disagree with most everything they say but they outnumber me so I'm forced to go along... I don't want my grade to drop thanks to them, what should I do?
PS It's too late to switch groups, presentations start Thursday.


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  • Well it sounds like they are all procrastinators and will be screwed when Wednesday comes. I'd suggest talking more but kind of being more open to the idea of you doing most of the work... I know that sounds bad, but sometimes its what you gotta do in bad groups :/


What Girls Said 1

  • Just ask your teacher to switch groups. I would do that if I really hated someone in my groups work ethic. I don't like slackers in school they irritate me.