Help I got a Samsung prime core galaxy phone and now I'm unable to block users on my mobile while using girlsaskguys. help?

When I click on the username as an anon it only flashes and does not give me time to click on the option to block the user I'm being harassed and I reported it but I seriously doubt that the gag Adkins will block the user for me

When I had an iPhone it worked perfectly fine



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  • I have a very similar problem with a Samsung Tab4 tablet. I rarely use it for GAG, as it just doesn't work properly.

    • I messaged the admins

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    • I can't believe the tablets do that too

    • Thanks for MHG! I hope your guy problem is sorted!

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  • My recommendation is to message the admins at

    • I did that just now
      Do you think that they will block him from my question for me? I explained to them my situation and I even sent them the link to the question that I want the user to be blocked from and I sent them his username

    • They might. It depends what they do. I'm sure they will if you ask.

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